Our Heritage

The Gulf Harbour Yacht Club’s beginning goes back to conversations held in 1996 between Harbourmaster Perry Hodell and boating enthusiasts in the newly opened marina.

As a result of these early discussions, an ad hoc committee was established consisting of Lou Fiore, Roland Eisenberg, Art Williams, Gene Custer, and Perry Hodell to form a cruise club to promote cruising on the Gulf Coast. Several planning meetings were held during the summer in the Harbourmaster’s office.

The new cruise club’s first organizational meeting was held in the aerobics room at the Sports and Fitness Center on September 27, 1996, at 6:00 PM. All Gulf Harbour boating enthusiasts were invited to this meeting. (Note: the clubhouse was not yet completed.) During the remainder of that year into 1997, much work was done organizing the club, writing the by-laws, planning cruises, and holding social functions.

Major contributors to those early efforts included Lou Fiore, Roland Eisenberg, Art Williams, Harry Randall, Tom Simon, Phil and Anne Kniskern, Bob and Mary Stream, Rich and Joan Tringa, Al and Joan May, Gary Langberg, and Gene Custer.

GHYC Commodores

  • Phil Kniskern – 1998
  • Harry Randall – 1999
  • Vic Pfeiffer – 2000
  • Gene Custer – 2001
  • Gene Custer – 2002
  • Dennis Little – 2003
  • Bob Laddner – 2004
  • John Ingraham – 2005
  • Jodi Martin – 2006
  • Greg Callaway – 2007
  • David Bernstein – 2008
  • Tom Teeter – 2009
  • Tom Hendricks – 2010
  • Craig Anderson – 2011
  • John Hess – 2012
  • David Kelley – 2013
  • Terry Lappin – 2014
  • Gary Morgan – 2015
  • Gail Bernstein – 2016
  • Bob Allen – 2017
  • Mark DePrey – 2018
  • Chris Palmer – 2019
  • Mike Intravia – 2020
  • Rob Spensley – 2020-2021
  • Kirk Hamilton – 2021-2022
  • John Ahl – 2022-2023

In November 1997, the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club’s first annual meeting was held in the clubhouse. Elected as flag officers were Phil Kniskern, Commodore; Harry Randall, Vice Commodore; Roland Eisenberg, Rear Commodore; Vic Pfeiffer, Fleet Captain. Board members were Tom Simon, Treasurer; Gerry Langberg, Secretary. Directors were Joan Tringa, Gene Custer, and Al DeGenova. The club’s objectives were agreed as follows: to promote the enjoyment of fellowship and boating safety, sponsor cruises, and coordinate social activities for its members.

From the first organizational meeting in September 1996, to the current membership of nearly 300 individual members, the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club has prospered in the spirit of working together toward common goals.

Prepared by:
Gene Custer (Commodore 2001 & 2002) and Roland Eisenberg (Rear Commodore 1997)

Order of the Silver Stars

The Order of the Silver Stars is open to any GHYC member who is a Past Commodore from any yacht club.