Apparel Store

GHYC offers two lines of apparel from two different sources:

You may order GHYC apparel and accessories through the Gulf Harbour Pro Shop. These unique items are different from the items available through our second vendor’s online store found as a link here within our website.

Click on Gulf Harbour Yacht Club Apparel Store to get started.

You will first need to register your account. This only needs to be done one time. Once registered, you will use your unique login ID and password to sign-in and order.

Many items in the store (website) are ones that you have seen and/or purchased in the past (e.g., Port Authority), but now, many more items are available from well-known companies.

  • All items have the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club logo.
  • The cost of items on the website is comparable to the cost of items purchased in the past.
  • Shipping is reasonable.
  • Major Advance: You now have the option to return items that do not fit or for other reasons.
  • View complete return details.

Logo Items

  • Only logo-embroidered and logo-printed-on-cloth items are available at this time.
  • The logo on the logo-printed-on-cloth items is about twice the logo’s size on the logo-embroidered items, depending upon the article (e.g., embroidered Polos, printed T-shirts.)
  • Promotional items (e.g., coffee mugs, pens, etc.) usually require a 25 pc. minimum.
  • We would be happy to assist you if you wish to purchase Promotional Items with the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club Logo. If you want to order these items, please contact or Niles or Jean Kin.


  • Shipping is very reasonable. Currently, the cost per shipment is a flat rate of only $6.50 within the continental US, no matter the number of items ordered! For complete shipping cost details, please click shipping details.
  • Your orders will be shipped DIRECTLY to you! You should allow at least three weeks for delivery.


  • You may recall that returning items was difficult in the past, at best, but not so now. You now have the option to return items that do not fit or for other reasons. For complete return details, please click on Returns.  Also, you can contact directly using their toll free number 800-487-4478.


  • Also, we can add additional items, as needed, from the inventory, our vendor.  We purposely included items that were available in the past plus additional items you might be interested in purchasing.  If you cannot find the item you wish to order from the yacht club website but see it available on the website, please let us know by emailing us at  We will determine if it is available to include on the GHYC Apparel Store for your purchase.


  • Please provide your feedback to  We really want to know your thoughts about this website and the availability of items for purchase.