———————————— Liquida v 2.0 ————————————

_ LAYOUT: new subtitles for dropdown menu items
_ LAYOUT: new nav-blog style
_ LAYOUT: new “Button Menu” for header bottom icons
_ LAYOUT: new login, logged in & cart popups
_ LAYOUT: new support for two sidebards
_ LAYOUT: related post deleted
_ LAYOUT: new featured media options (image, video, gallery, slider)
_ LAYOUT: new grid-info content added
_ CSS: new improvements
_ CSS: new nav-blog options
_ CSS: fixed, margins moved to classes
_ CSS: new pagination style
_ JS: fixed dropdown onmouseover support
_ JS: new isotope is back! now with filters 😉
_ JS: scripts.js header scroll effect improved
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fixed & hide old vc_gallery
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fixed & hide old vc_button
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fixed & hide old vc_cta_button
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fixed vc_post_grid
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new params in vc_row (font, bg, border, radius, padding)
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new params in vc_column (font, background, padding)
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new liquida_icon shortcode & new params (padding, margin, border)
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new liquida_button shortcode
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new liquida_cta_button shortcode
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new liquida_gallery shortcode
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new vc_carousel shortcode
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: new vc_images_carousel shortcode
_ REDUX: updated to
_ REDUX: new headings options (h1, h2, h3)
_ REDUX: new shop section
_ REDUX: new product section
_ REDUX: new option hide footer top
_ REDUX: new options for navpage
_ REDUX: new options for post meta in Article Settings
_ REDUX: new option for social share buttons in Article Settings
_ REDUX: custom css has is own tab
_ REDUX: new font options on “Layout Settings”
_ REDUX: new options in Loop Settings (loop settings for category, tag, author, dates)
_ REDUX: new options in Loop Settings (choose content for items in the loop)
_ REDUX: new options in Loop Settings (choose image sizes for loop systems)
_ REDUX: new options in Loop Settings for isotope (gallery, gutter, columns)
_ REDUX: new options screen base & large size
_ REDUX: new options border radius small, base, large
_ REDUX: fixed duplicated google font link
_ REDUX: contact info tab deleted
_ METABOXES: new Redux Metaboxes system!
_ METABOXES: new options for navpage
_ METABOX: new featured media options (image, video, gallery, slider)
_ METABOX: new options for all templates
_ CORE: new css compiler support for mulsite & child theme
_ CORE: new and improved filter system
_ CORE: new admin notices for less & css files creation
_ WIDGETS: new flickr gallery
_ WOOCOMMERCE: new shop masonry integration
_ WOOCOMMERCE: new full integration 😀

———————————— Liquida v ———————————-

– CORE: fixed compile less on windows server
– CMB: updated to 1.0
_ REDUX: updated to 3.8

———————————— Liquida v ———————————–

_ METABOXES: fixed cmb.js, show “Sidebar Options”
_ REDUX: fixed custom css
_ REDUX: fixed upload button / tracking code
_ REDUX: fixed missing fonts
_ JS: fixed break masonry in search page
_ LAYOUT: fixed pagination disloqued
_ LAYOUT: fixed dropdown menu onmouseover
_ METABOX: fixed compatibility issue with Acronix FAQ
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fixed post grid
_ PHP: fixed some undefined variables

———————————— Liquida v 1.1.2 ————————————

_ CSS: header social icons margin top fixed
_ CSS: visual composer button icon fixed
_ CSS: classes .adrees & .email for header top info
_ CSS: new recent comment widget style
_ REDUX: optional dropdown menu onmouseover
_ REDUX: option “NavPage Background Color” added
_ REDUX: option “NavPage Background Image” moved to “Scheme Settings”
_ REDUX: “Page Settings” option added
_ REDUX: Header contact message, phone, email, address show/hide added
_ LAYOUT: prev & next links for paginated comments
_ LAYOUT : Blog Dates, image added
_ CORE: dates thumnail filter added

———————————— Liquida v 1.1.1 ————————————

_ CSS: isotope #posts opacity: 0
_ CSS: .pager class removed, new .pagination class
_ CSS: css compressed before compile ($less->setFormatter(“compressed”);)
_ CSS: fixed woocommerce shopping cart in 480px screen
_ CSS: unnecessary !important removed
_ CSS: padding on comment name fixed
_ CSS: border-radius featured post image & avatar in Opera
_ REDUX: validate “js” removed from meta_analytics
_ REDUX: fixed “Boxed Layout” background
_ REDUX: new option “Sidebar Width” in General Settings
_ REDUX: new option “Boxed Background Color” in Layout Settings
_ REDUX: new option “Select Image Effect” in General Settings
_ CORE: fixed pagination issue in frontpage
_ CORE: prettyphoto_footer_js removed to solve jquery conflict
_ CORE: isotope.js removed, masonry.js added
_ CORE: prettyphoto.js, prettyphoto.css registered only when visual composer is not active
_ CORE: liquida_adsense_template fixed to solve php 5.2.4 compatibility issues
_ CORE: liquida_get_content_sidebars action added
_ CORE: child theme support fixed
_ CORE: liquida_lessphp added
_ LAYOUT: fixed masonry height container issue
_ LAYOUT: fixed post_related clearfix
_ LAYOUT: core, css changes for new sidebar system (preparing the ground for next update)

———————————— Liquida v 1.1 ————————————–

_ LAYOUT: new grid template (litle title, comments & date)
_ LAYOUT: header fixed top (OFF) added
_ LAYOUT: masonry 2, 3, 4 columns
_ LAYOUT: footer 1, 2, 3, 4 columns
_ LAYOUT: social user accounts for page team
_ LAYOUT: layerslider in homepages moved to metabox
_ CSS: fixed layerslider transparent when topbar fixed is OFF
_ CSS: widget footer “clear; both” moved to 768px and up
_ CSS: widget tag cloud improvements
_ CSS: latest tweets widget icon in footer fixed
_ CSS: accordion, tour & tabs improvements
_ CSS: padding bottom for name input on comment form
_ CSS: preset styles improved
_ JS: scripts.js improved
_ WIDGETS: fixed html liquida cool archives
_ METABOXES: changed to CMB for wordpress framwork
_ METABOXES: conditional view
_ METABOXES: new layout images
_ METABOXES: sidebar metabox & navpage metabox
_ REDUX: custom admin style
_ REDUX: navpage blog background
_ CORE: layerslider to required in tgma class
_ CORE: layout_page fixed
_ CORE: template format filter for quote and link formats
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fontawesome icons for accordion
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fontawesome icons for tabs
_ VISUAL COMPOSER: fontawesome icons for tour

———————————— Liquida v 1.0.1 ————————————

_ DATA: Dummy data for homepages & demo
_ INFO: Documentation
_ CORE: wpautop removed

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